Wilsen, the Brooklyn-based trio of Tamsin Wilson (guitar/vocals), Johnny Simon Jr. (guitar) and Drew Arndt (bass), released their new album Ruiner on February 21 via Secret City Records / Dalliance Recordings.

The title track, available for pre-order on the Wilsen website, accompanied by this video directed by Stephen Michael Simon, tells the story of Tamsin’s inner conflict exploring the duality of one’s personality. The vocals lift you up and float you along side her exploration of her own moments of self-sabotage.

She writes,  “I’ll love you right
(I’m not showing up like I wanted to
My only thought was to be good to you
Better still, I know when everything is finite then I will)”

Ruiner is the follow-up to Wilsen’s critically-acclaimed debut album I Go Missing In My Sleep.

Danielle Hennes
Big Sonic Heaven Radio Contributing Writer

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