Fans of Keep Shelly In Athens were shocked to learn of the departure of vocalist Sarah P.
Sarah announced on her official Twitter page on January 17: “I’m letting you know that I’m no longer in Keep Shelly in Athens. Thank you for your support! Focus on new things, now! Much love! s.”
In conversations with fans on her page, Sarah said it was a mutual decision between her and band mate RΠЯ.
Sarah is also an actor, so this blogger assumes this is one of her other projects she plans to focus on.
The band announced: “Sarah has been the vocalist for Keep Shelly In Athens since their inception in 2010, and her influence will always be treasured.”
And in honor of her time with the band, they are offering the song “Old Time Glory” as a free download to their fans.
The band also said: “Moving forward, Keep Shelly In Athens will continue with a new singer – as well as occasional collaborations with guest vocalists. A new album will be announced later this year.”

You can download “Old Time Glory” here.

Stacy Sobotka
Big Sonic Heaven Contributing Writer