Tricky has now ventured into the world of fashion with his new clothing line Obia Real Art Clothing. The line is a collaboration between Tricky and Mongolian fashion designer Jaga Buyan. The trip-hop artist said on his website: “I’ve wanted to do clothing for many years. For my first album I created Tricky Wear but it didn’t work out exactly how I wanted. I’ve known Jaga for many years and she knows what I like and what I don’t, so working with her is what I needed to get this right. Moving forwards when writing new lyrics for an album, instead of losing bits of paper when on the road and in hotel rooms, I can send lyrics straight to Jaga and the words from Obia clothing will eventually become a song – real art clothing.” Each piece has a hand-painted drawing and lyric by Tricky that will become a song. Pre-orders are now being taken until June 1, and will be shipped out in mid-June. Click here to pre-order.