Wow! I can’t believe it sometimes. How did Last Splash by The Breeders get to be 20 years old so fast? I remember driving around in my black Volkswagen GTI listening to that on my pull-out Alpine stereo. Do you remember those? It wasn’t just the faceplate that came off, it was the whole frickin’ stereo and then you had to carrying it around with you. Luckily Case Logic made carry cases for lugging those boat anchors around with you. Hmm, so I guess it has been 20 years. Okay, enough nostalgia. Back to The Breeders. They’ve reissued a deluxe 3 cd box set of Last Splash and they’re currently on tour and probably gonna play near you so check out their tour dates here. Okay, time to get nostalgic again with the video for “Saints”. Enjoy!
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