Throwing Muses ~ Red Shoes

Damn I miss Throwing Muses! I’ve been listening to them again lately and what a great band they were! Yes, another one of the greats from the The Golden Age of 4AD. One of the first songs I heard from them is “Fish” and to this day it’s still one of my favorites. Taken from the 4AD Lonely Is An Eyesore compilation that came out back in 1987, it also included Dead Can Dance, Clan of Xymox, This Mortal Coil, Cocteau Twins, Dif Juz, The Wolfgang Press and Colourbox. Ahh! The good ole days! Another one of my favorites is “Red Shoes” from the 1991 album, The Real Ramona. “Red Shoes” has such a hauntingly beautiful guitar riff throughout it. It’s a rainy day song for me. Check it out below. I’ve also included the “remix” version of it too. I put “remix” in quotes because there’s not much difference to it versus the original. Back in the early 90’s they tended to just add something like, maracas to the percussion and call it a remix. I’m exaggerating a bit. There are some other subtle differences but not many. Compare for yourself below and see which one you like the best. It’s a great song and it’s The Big Sonic Stereophonic Sound Spectacular Of The Day! What’s your favorite Throwing Muses song? Album?
Huh! Shows you what I know! Throwing Muses are still together. Not the original line-up, but nevertheless still together. I knew they got back together in 2003 but I thought that was short lived. I probably would’ve realized this yesterday while I was doing this post but their current website is quite aways down in the Google search results. Anyway, my bad. I’ve added their current website link below and keep an eye out this fall for a new Throwing Muses album.