Pixies ~ “Ana”

Pixies fans got some bad news on Friday. Kim Deal has officially left the band. Rumors have been flying around about a new album but I’m guessing that won’t be happening now? I’m hoping they don’t do an album without her. I also hope they don’t continue without her. Sometimes it’s just time to end it. You know, leave it pure. Don’t bring someone else on-board to try to fill her shoes cuz it can’t be done. As my Mom always said, “Darren, all good things come to and end” and I believe at this point without Kim, the Pixies should be one of those “good things.”
That brings us to The Big Sonic Stereophonic Sound Spectacular Of The Day which is… “Ana” by the Pixies. Released in August of 1990, this dreamy-surf song comes from their third album, Bossanova, which I promptly bought the day it came out. I love this album. It stayed in my Volkswagen’s tape deck, yes I said tape deck, for months straight. It clocks in below at only 2:09 so get ready to put it on repeat cuz it’s that great of a tune. Ahhhhh… Pixies!
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