Pale_Saints finin
Today’s Big Sonic Stereophonic Sound Spectacular Of The Day comes from Pale Saints. Pale Saints had a nine year run from ’87 – ’96. During that time they released three albums, four EP’s, a hand-full of singles, demos and videos, and close to twenty compilations. One of my favorite bands from the golden era of 4AD, I feel they were a little underrated here in The U.S. by being overshadowed by other bands on the label. Not to mention the surge of Creation Records at the time. Nevertheless, an amazing band which brings us to today’s Big Sonic Stereophonic Sound Spectacular. This track is one of my all-time favorite instrumentals. It comes from the Flesh Balloon EP where every song is stellar. Check out the live video version below from 1991 when “Porpoise” was brand-new and buy the Flesh Balloon EP here. It’s only $3.96 and worth so much more! Enjoy!
Artist: Pale Saints
Title: Porpoise
EP: Flesh Balloon
Released: 1991
Label: 4AD