Xymox ~ Imagination

Today we go back to 1989 when Clan of Xymox was known as Xymox. They were originally Clan of Xymox and then decided to shorten it. I guess they didn’t like the abbreviated name because after a while they reverted back to Clan of Xymox. The first time I saw them was around ’87 when they were still Clan of Xymox, or was it just Xymox? Just kidding. I feel like I’m saying Clan of Xymox a lot in this post. Anyway, Moev opened up for them so for me it was a double header. I remember standing dead center soaking it in. It was a great show! In my book the first two albums by Clan of Xymox (Clan of Xymox (1985) & Medusa (1986)) are masterpieces. I love the raw yet finished production on them, coupled with amazingly written and arranged songs. Both albums include instrumentals which gives a sense of patience. Medusa has this epic concept-album feel to it which almost forces you to listen from start-to-finish in one sitting. Two truly great albums. So yeah, 1989 was the year they released their third album, Twist of Shadows. Not only did this album mark their departure from 4AD Records, it was also a departure from their original sound. I do love this album but there’s a definite shift. A little more pop and a little less edge. All still great stuff though! Clan of Xymox are still together recording and touring but with only one original member, Ronny Moorings.
One of my favorite songs from the band is “Imagination” (featuring Anke Wolbert from the original lineup on vocals) from Twist of Shadows. It’s today’s Big Sonic Stereophonic Sound Spectacular! Enjoy below!