The Big Sonic Stereophonic Sound Spectacular Of The Day

Published on: Aug 03 2013 by Darren Revell


Lush ~ Sweetness And Light

Hey there! Here’s a classic! I was privileged enough to get to interview Lush twice back in the day. Once with Miki and once with Emma. Miki came in the studio with her trademark red hair that looked amazing up close. She was pretty laid back and we had fun. Emma was really shy so it was hard to get her to speak up and into the mic but she eventually came around and the interview went off really well. The two of them were very sweet as is the music they left behind. I did the interviews when I was on-the-air in the early 90’s at 89X in Detroit… Ahhh, the good ole days of 89X. So, here ya go! From the compilation album Gala, a song produced by Tim Friese-Greene of Talk Talk, here’s (below) “Sweetness And Light” from Lush. Today’s Big Sonic Stereophonic Sound Spectacular! Enjoy!
Trivia: What car company used this song back-in-the-day for a TV ad?
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