It looks like some of Tricky’s American fans are going to have to wait even longer to see him perform live. More visa woes for Tricky means more postponed US concert dates. He will still be performing dates in San Francisco, Los Angeles, Asheville, North Carolina, and New York City. Juvenile offenses from his past are the main reason Tricky is unable to get the work visas necessary to perform in the US. He said on his website: “The most upsetting thing about this, whatever happens, it seems like it’s me letting people down. Other people have always dealt with visas for me and it turns out that they’ve not advised me properly. Now I have been advised that this was going to be straightforward and easily done in time for this tour and now this has happened.” He still plans to add additional US dates in 2014. Click here for more info on the tour dates that are scheduled to take place.
Stacy Sobotka
Big Sonic Heaven Contributing Writer