Slowdive has been teasing their fans for a while regarding potential new material.
The mystery deepened on January 11 on their official Twitter page with a minimalist video with no audio showing a line forming into a box, baffling fans.
Now it has been revealed. After 22 years the shoegaze band has released a new single “Star Roving,” and it’s as if the band had never left us. Within hours, the song went viral and feedback on social media has been positive. Rachel Goswell’s Twitter page says: “What a dizzy day! Thank you to everyone that has said such kind words about our new slowdiveband track. Pretty blown away TBH.”
The band has promised us more to come, saying on Twitter: “We are absolutely blown away by the response today for Star Roving! We promise there is so much more we will give you this year. THANKYOU x.”
You can listen to and watch “Star Roving” below.

Stacey Sobotka
Big Sonic Heaven Contributing Writer