slowdiveSlowdive are back.
That’s what the band’s official Twitter feed said January 28th. The band is reuniting and playing Barcelona’s Primavera Sound Festival running from May 29-31 along with Pixies, The National, Arcade Fire, Neutral Milk Hotel and more. The entire line-up for the festival is really amazing, as is the video short announcing the line-up. It takes place in Detroit, has turntable time travel and somehow announces the line-up in this subconscious sort of way. Look for Slowdive at the laundromat. I swear it will all make sense once you see it…or it’s just my cold getting to me and the NyQuil has kicked in….

Halstead also discussed the possibility of new material with The Quietus saying,
“The initial impetus was the idea of doing some new music. It seemed easier to do that because it’s not so public. But then we thought it would be good if we could raise a bit of money to make the record, and doing a couple of gigs would enable us to do that. And that’s the way it shaped up – while we’re rehearsing we can see if we’ve got another record in us.”
Lets hope!