Today Sigur Rós released the new video of Kveikur, the title track of their new album, with the visuals taken from the live shows content for the song and from the British Film Institute Archive.
Kveikur is a bit heavier than we’re used to from Sigur Rós but I’m liking it. I remember listening to Von, their debut album and loving Hún Jörð (below), which is somewhat dark or “heavy” as well. It’s more about getting lost in the build of the individual songs for me than it is about being dark, heavy or light, etc. It’s more intense and I like that aspect of the new album so far.
Kveiker will be released June 17th internationally and June 18th in the US on XL recordings . There’s some nice pre-order packages available at


Hún Jörð (From Von)