Last Leaf
Last Leaf Down is a band that has gone through quite a contrasting evolution since their inception in 2003. They started out as a melancholic doom metal band being influenced by bands like Katatonia. Now it sounds like Slowdive has slowly taken the over that position which can be heard on their latest two tracks “The Thought That I Saw You” and “Fake Lights In The Sky.” These are two well written, layered and produced songs so I can only hope there will be a full-length release soon. I listened to some of their back catalog and I’m happy to hear their new shoegaze direction. I think they’ve found their calling. Listen for early Autumns and Slowdive influences in Last Leaf Down. Looks like we’re in for some greatness from these guys. Many of their songs are available for free downloads here. Watch the video for “Fake Lights In The Sky” below.
FYI, I prefer the mix of “The Thought That I Saw You” on Soundcloud better than the version on Bandcamp. Which is unfortunate because I think the Bandcamp version is the final mix. The bright dreamy highs have been mixed down in the Bandcamp version. Hmm. Check for yourself which one you prefer.
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