Postcards are Julia Sbara: Lead vocals, guitar, synth, organ, and bass synth. Marwan Tohma: guitar, bass and backing vocals. Pascal Semerdjian: drums, sampler, bass synth and backing vocals. A dream pop trio formed in Beirut, Lebanon in 2012 self described as “hushed vocals floating over expansive soundscapes that shift between harsh noises and dreamy atmospheres.” Their new album A Good Soldier was released January 3, 2020. After you push play if you think you’re going to do anything else but listen to this album-you’re wrong.

The opening song “Dead End” is nothing short of an alarm call to your attention. Dark and tragic guitar riffs roll like a storm behind floating Julee Cruise-esque vocals telling this mysterious story:

I walk in the black of the night
The street lights above my house no longer shine
I walk into the dark
I watch as fish come through my door, 
Swimming out my windows
And the world slides through my head like water

“Fossilized”, the second song on the album, is where they really shine for me. Still dreamy but a bit brighter and crisp. Huge, vibrating guitars and the male and female harmonies continuously building up to an all out auralgasm reminiscent of Slowdive. The song is just shy of 4 minutes but I always wish songs like this went on forever.

The mid-album lullaby, “Lights Out”,  starts simply. Paints a picture of a child, perhaps a secret witness to an undesirable situation. The song builds layer upon layer, seeming to mirror the growth of the child and the situation. 

I hoped you’d leave
Not watch you grieve
And maybe someday you will know 
Maybe someday when I’m old 
I, too, can see

Then there’s this catchy little ear worm….

This album has all these yummy nods to bands like Julee Cruise, Slowdive, and even The Pixies. As I have been listening to this album I thought it sounded like something you might call “surf pop”, if there was such a thing. To my surprise, not only is there Surf Pop but there is also a genre called Indie Surf. After checking out a couple of those bands I would not categorize Postcards in that genre but maybe we could call it Surf Gaze? No matter what you call it, this album is full of great songs and when I listen to it I feel like life is good.

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Danielle Hennes
Big Sonic Heaven Radio Contributing Writer

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