Pixies: A Visual History

Kickstarter campaign

Back in 2004 Sean T. Rayburn and Ray Dolber started the PixiesMusic.com fan site. Today it’s the official site of the Pixies and Rayburn has a new Kickstarter funded project in the works celebrating the band’s visual history. After receiving a ton of feedback on some vintage Pixies photos on Facebook, Rayburn decided it would be cool to put together a coffee-table book full of early photos including stories from the band, their family members, photographers, fans etc.
Rayburn describes the project…
“I see this project spanning the time period from 1985, from right before the time when Charles and Joey met Kim and David, to recording and touring and fame, until the eventual breakup in 1993. That would be the first book. The second book would touch on their various solo projects after the band split (Frank Black, The Breeders, The Martinis, The Everybody, etc.) and continue on to 2004 and the amazing reunion, the continued touring and popularity, until the present day.”

The Packaging

What I love about this whole situation is that this book is made for packaging nerds like me who buy an album or a book because of the nice thick paper and detailed embossing on the front.

Rayburn on packaging…
“I am a sucker for the packaging, the extras. This edition will be exclusive to this Kickstarter campaign, and can be considered the definitive edition of this book. At some point we may release a trade edition of the book, but any future editions will not compare in quality.”

He’s not skimping, that’s why the budget is set at $150,000. His graphic designer
Aaron Tanner is making it happen and they just need fans to donate. If you donate $75 you’ll get a hardcover limited edition copy of the book. Oh and your name will be in the back. Who doesn’t like to see their name on stuff!
But wait there’s more…
(I like playing infomercial)

If you buy “Pixies: A Visual History” this week Black Francis will sign it!

If you can’t afford the book you can still help out by donating what you can. You can get some cool postcards and framed artwork of the book cover for donating $10 or $25. Now you just need the 4ad Facing The Other Way: The Story of 4AD book coming out late September and you’ll be set.