SPC ECO (pronounced Space Echo) releases Sirens and Satellites today. You’ve already heard “Delusional Waste” and “Fallen Stars” in Big Sonic Heaven and I gotta say, if that’s a sign of how the rest of the album’s gonna sound, then it’s easily gonna be their best. The production feels fluent and clean on these first two tracks and Rose’s vocals sound gorgeous! And that’s saying a lot because they were already pretty as… heaven! Big Sonic Heaven! Couldn’t resist that. Doh!
SPC ECO are Rose Berlin and her dad Dean Garcia from one of my favorite shoegaze/dream-pop bands of the ’90’s, Curve. How cool is that?! You get to be in a band with your dad and your dad is Dean Garcia of Curve! I’ll tell ya how cool that is, super freaking cool! I’m a fan. Plus, Dean is a really great guy. I’ve been fortunate enough to interview him and keep in-touch over-the-years.
So here ya go. Check-out the video below for “Delusional Waste” and tell your friends you heard it hear in Big Sonic Heaven! Enjoy!