You can check out the latest from Brooklyn based Selebrities in this week’s Big Sonic Heaven podcast. I gotta be honest, I’ve listened to them a few times in the past and they haven’t really caught my ear until now. I’m talking about the new single “Lovers.” It’s got this early ’80’s Peter Hook bass vibe goin’ on. Couple that with a dreamy post-punk attitude and you have a happy Darren. I’ve read a few articles about Selebrities where they’re being compared to early Factory bands and I have to agree. I also hear Propaganda in there. Pretty cool! So I’m not sure why they didn’t grab me before now. Maybe I had a headache on those days. Dunno. Take a listen for yourself in this week’s Big Sonic Heaven podcast. The full-length, Lovely Things, will be released June 25th. Check out the video for an older track called “Can’t Make Up My Mind” below. Smiles everyone, smiles!