Another great release this week… At Home is the debut full-length from Keep Shelly In Athens. I’ve been waiting a long time for this album and it’s finally here. So far, every single from the album has been amazing. They are clearly one of the best bands out there right now.
Keep Shelly In Athens is the duo, RΠЯ and Sarah P from… you guessed it, Athens, Greece. Their name comes from a pun on a neighbourhood of Athens called Kypseli. “Yellow Man” and “Our Own Dream” are the first tracks that caught my ear a couple years ago. Beautiful, dreamy, electronic, shoegaze-esque stuff. They’ve cited a few of their influences being Saint Etienne, Air, Tracey Thorn and Nancy Sinatra which so far I hear none of. But that’s okay, cuz I just dig the hell outta them. Since forming in 2010 they’ve pumped out three EP’s, two cassettes, one seven-inch and the three singles from the new album, “Madmen Love,” “Recollection” and “Oostende.” They’ve also done remixes for Porcelain Raft, Tropics, Body Language, Crazy P, Tycho and have made special appearances on the MMOTHS Heart EP and The New Division Night Escape EP. They appear on seven compilations one of which is for charity where they do a beautiful version of The Jesus And Mary Chain’s “Just Like Honey” which you can check out here. Take a listen to “Oostende” below and head over to iTunes to buy At Home.

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