Morrissey’s new album, World Peace is None of Your Business is now available for pre-order on iTunes, with the title track now available for download. It is expected to be released on July 15.
The other song titles are clearly what Morrissey’s fans have come to expect from him. Such titles are “Neal Cassady Drops Dead”, “Earth Is the Loneliest Planet” and “Kick the Bride Down the Aisle”.
Another track, “Istanbul” is more up-tempo, and is Morrissey’s favorite city. On a fan site, Morrissey said via a Q & A with his fans: “It is second to Rome as my most favorite city in the world. When I’m in Istanbul I feel as if I could never die. My life is matched.”

Morrissey has also released a video in conjunction with PETA that will be shown during his upcoming tour for the new album. It’s a sad tale of a chick that is born then slaughtered in a factory farm, but dreams of escaping and reuniting with its mother. The soundtrack is the 1992 song “I Know It’s Gonna Happen Someday.”


You can watch the video : here
In other Morrissey news, the singer has announced he is NOT on Twitter, despite the appearance of a verified account. He said on the aforementioned fan site: “I would like to stress that I do not have either a Twitter or a Facebook account,” he said. “I gather that a Twitter account has been opened in my name – as ‘It’s Morrissey’ – but it is NOT Morrissey. I do not know who has opened this recent Twitter account, but please be aware that it is bogus. That’s, of course, if you should remotely care.” In true Morrissey fashion, it was signed: “Untwitterably yours.”

Stacy Sobotka
Big Sonic Heaven Contributing Writer