Morrissey just can’t get a break these days.
His latest album World Peace Is None of Your Business has been pulled from digital music stores, including iTunes and
The LP, which was released a few weeks ago, has also been removed from streaming sites like Spotify or Rdio.
Amazon is still selling the CD and vinyl versions, and it’s also still available digitally in the U.K., both via that country’s iTunes and
Billboard has reported that Morrissey was, in fact, still signed to Harvest, and had two more albums left on his contract, citing “a source close to the situation.”
It is believed that the moves occurred after a manifesto written by Morrissey was posted on a fan website. In it, Morrissey denies ever signing a record contract, and that he “retains full ownership of World Peace Is None of Your Business,” and that Harvest had made it clear the label was not interested in licensing a second album.
He went on to say:
“All you need to do is disagree with the vanity of the label boss and your beheading will be slotted in between bottles of the most average champagne on the market. Just one weak-chinned drone can assert the fist of injustice and all of our efforts are flushed away. And thus … they were.”
“I might be wrong, but I think World peace is none of your business will instantly disappear from iTunes and record stores and every download-upload-offload outlet on the planet, because Harvest technically have no right to sell it.”

You can read the full manifesto here.

Stacy Sobotka
Big Sonic Heaven Contributing Writer