How ironic! The man responsible for thee loudest show I’ve ever been to in my life (My Bloody Valentine @ Santa Monica Civic Center on October 1st & 2nd of 2008) has logged a complaint about a bar in his neighborhood that could make too much noise. Laughing out loud I am! No but seriously, I do get it. I live in Hollywood and it ain’t exactly quiet here most nights. Nor days for that matter. Kinda funny though. Check-out his quote from The Camden New Journal…
“As a musician I really object to being forced to listen to music I don’t like while someone else makes money. The worst are Dido remixes. It’s a classic case of they don’t give a damn. When I built a studio in Camden I spent £70,000 getting it soundproofed. They pump their music out at 120 decibels.”
The worst are Dido remixes! LOL! I didn’t know Kevin was this funny. Thing is, he’s probably dead serious. Here’s the link to the whole story at the Camden News Journal.

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