Gene Olympian ReissueGood news for fans of the Britpop band Gene.
All five of their albums will be reissued in on January 27th on Amazon’s UK website. They will be available in deluxe editions, and contain rare B-sides and live performances. Some of these songs will be available for the first time. All of the releases have been overseen by Gene’s drummer Matt James and promoted by lead singer Martin Rossiter.
Due to licensing restrictions, the albums will NOT be available on vinyl or in MP3 format, only on CD.
Fans outside the UK can order from this site, just be prepared to pay extra shipping costs.
Matt James said on the band’s Facebook page:
“It’s not a bad thing for any of us that the Gene profile rises in 2014…or any year. Of course I’m fiercely proud of the songs & what we achieved as a band & my own part in the writing, recording & performing of them. I don’t want our work to be forgotten and I’m sad that there won’t be any more in future…though I’m secretly glad that there will never be any ‘old’ photos of Gene.”
You can pre-order the albums right now at Amazon UK
Stacy Sobotka
Big Sonic Heaven Contributing Writer