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Shoegaze From The Bay Area: Whirr

Dark and beautiful Shoegaze. That's Whirr. Formerly called Whirl, they're about to release About, their second EP to date. Their first, Pipe Dreams, garnered them some My Blood Valentine and Slowdive comparisons which definitely got my attention. "Swoon" is the first track released from About where I'm hearing little touches of Ride and Cocteau Twins influence in there as well as the aforementioned MBV and Slowdive. I'm diggin' it. About […]

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New Camera Obscura Out In June

Camera Obscura will be releasing their fifth studio album, Desire Lines, on June 3rd. The Scottish five piece have been performing and releasing records since 1996 and this will be their second release on the legendary 4AD label. There have been two singles released so far from the new album, "Do It Again" and "Fifth In Line To The Throne". Hear what Camera Obscura’s Tracyanne Campbell says about the new […]

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Film & TV

Thome Yorke & Robert Del Naja Score Documentary

Thom Yorke and Robert Del Naja of Massive Attack have teamed up to score the new documentary, The UK Gold. The documentary is about tax evasion in England and a vicar who challenges the British tax system. It's directed by Mark Donne and narrated by Dominic West and is premiering in London at the Troxy Theatre on June 25th where it is rumored that Thom Yorke will perform.

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New Small Black Out Now

Brooklyn based Small Black released their second album to date last Tuesday. Their catalog goes back to 2009 and includes one EP, two singles and one mixtape. They also did a split album with Washed Out in 2010. Cred! I've been spinning "Free At Dawn" for a couple months now at my gigs here in LA with a great response. Check it out for yourself below and buy the album […]

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Film & TV

Sigur Rós On The Simpsons?

Yep. You read right. Sigur Rós will be featured in The Simpsons Season Finale this weekend. The band has composed an original score for the episode including their version of The Simpsons theme song! Crazy cool! This is taken from the Sigur Rós site... "Sigur Rós have scored part of an upcoming episode of The Simpsons. The episode, which will feature new, original music by Sigur Rós, as well as […]

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The Hallucinations Debut EP & Video

Live from Los Angeles it's Big Sonic Heaven and The Hallucinations! OK, maybe we're not live but this is Big Sonic Heaven and we are in Los Angeles listening to the High EP by The Hallucinations. Yep, it's their first and I like it! If you're a Jesus and Mary Chain, BRMC, Mazzy Star, A Place To Bury Strangers, Raveonettes, etc. fan, I think you'll like 'em. Take a view […]

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Mt. Wolf

I know of two Mt. Wolf's. One is a borough in York County, Pennsylvania. The other is a band from London and that's the one we're climbing here in Big Sonic Heaven. Both Mt. Wolf's are pretty in their own way, from what I hear, literally. But let's focus on the London based Mt. Wolf. I don't know much about the band except they're pretty new and they have two […]

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Introducing Everything By Electricity

Ok, I'm diggin' this band right outta-the-box! Everything By Electricity is a new London-based trio consisting of Yulia on guitar, keys and vocals, Dima on drums and Gaétan on keys and bass. They're so new they launched their Facebook page just 3 weeks ago. The band is named after this quote from 20,000 Leagues Under The Sea... "There is a powerful agent, obedient, rapid, easy, which conforms to every use, […]

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Introducing Los Détroit

Imagine the dry heat of Santa Ana winds blowing over the icy Detroit River, the dissonance of post-rock interlaced with lushness of dream pop. This is Los Détroit. With rebirth-ed members from Detroit to Los Angeles, a dream-rock collaboration emerges. Mariam McCarthy of Silent Violet, Michael Carian of Au Revoir Borealis join Jill Marklin and Michael Lloyd of The Insyderz. Yep, I took that word-for-word from their site cuz I'm […]

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SPC ECO (Pronounced Space Echo) has been gracing Big Sonic Heaven since their inception back in 2007. SPC ECO is Dean Garcia from one of my favorite bands, Curve, and his daughter Rose Berlin. I've had the pleasure of talking to Dean over the years about Curve and SPC ECO and I'm so happy he's still at it. The thick production style going back to Curve days is a grabber […]

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