Within the past few weeks, Björk has released two breathtaking, even groundbreaking music videos.
First there is “Stonemilker”, a 360-degree virtual reality video that is best viewed with Google Chrome and in full screen. As it begins, Björk stands on a rocky Icelandic shoreline, swaying to the melancholy lyrics. As she moves, you can either click on the arrows in the upper left hand corner to follow Björk’s movements, or do nothing and continue gazing at the sun setting on the horizon. It is truly a joy to watch.
This past week, “”Black Lake,” the centerpiece of her latest album Vulnicura was released. It is a ten-minute epic of heartbreak, the lyrics referring to the end of her relationship with American filmmaker and artist Matthew Barney. In it, the artist writhes among the craggy Icelandic landscape, giving the viewer a physical realization of her emotional pain. Plumes of blue lava shoot up alongside her; she gyrates and howls then seems to rise like a Phoenix and disappear into the foggy landscape.
The video is directed by Andrew Thomas Huang, and was previously on display at the Museum of Modern Art in New York City as part of Björk’s career-spanning retrospective.
She also intrigued her fans with this quote: “Most curious though about them next things. Perhaps we don’t even have the best tools yet and technology might be where all the senses can merge even better? Here’s to some more VR [virtual reality] Vulnicura releases soon!!!


Black Lake

Stacy Sobotka
Big Sonic Heaven Contributing Writer