The Big Sonic Heaven Journey

Since I first aired Big Sonic Heaven back on August 27th, 1995, it’s always been about respecting, preserving, and playing the most influential music of my life. I remember after that first show, my friends said it sounded like we were hanging out in my living room while I played music from my record collection. It was music we couldn’t hear anywhere else and it was incredible to be playing it on the airwaves! Over the years, I’ve been asked to categorize the music in BSH. I would say shoegaze, dream-pop, post-punk, ethereal, with a touch of trip-hop, darkwave, etc. All having that common energy that makes up Big Sonic Heaven.

As a kid, I would listen to the radio and recreate song segues on my tape decks and dream of my own radio show/station where I could play what I want by curating my favorite music and present it in a unique way that other stations weren’t doing. As I got into my teens and 20’s my desire only strengthened as I could barely stand what was being played on the radio. I suppose that fueled my determination, even more, to get BSH on the air.

And then finally, my dream came true in ’95 at Planet 96.3 in Detroit where I had the privilege of airing it for 8+ years and then in ’07 at Indie 103-1 in Los Angeles! What an incredible ride! After that, I aired BSH on a couple of LA Internet stations and later on, the podcast version.

So, yes, my dream came true, twice! But, I always wanted more for BSH. I wanted to present this incredible music 24/7. Back in the ’90s, the only possibility of that happening was for me to buy my own radio station. So, basically, there was no possibility. That’s no longer the case. The Internet and technology have come a long way since then.

So here we are. Today my dream is coming true… yet again! I’m thrilled to announce that Big Sonic Heaven is now a 24/7 Internet radio station! And, it’s all free to you including the apps for iPhone & Android. Thank you to all that have supported the music I’ve played over the past 25 years! Without you, the artists and Big Sonic Heaven would not exist! Here’s to another 25 years! Cheers!

-Darren Revell