Tricky has done quite a bit of film work over the years, usually in front of the camera. Besides his many music videos, he had a minor role in The Fifth Element, made a cameo appearance in John Woo’s Face/Off (where “Christiansands” played during his cameo) and also appeared on The CW’s TV series Girlfriends.
Now he’s gone behind the camera. Two of the three music videos from his latest work False Idols have been directed by Tricky, and his latest project is a 14-minute short film Sophie Sees.
Sophie Sees was shot over several days in Paris and stars French actress Sophie Accard in the title role as a woman through a series of interactions tinged with menace, broken up by free-form interludes, which may be the music videos she claims to make in her head. Songs from False Idols are included in the film, along with some yet-to-be released material. Tricky said on his official website: “The film is completely unrelated to any other work I have done. It’s unrelated to the album and people shouldn’t read anything in to it. It’s just something I did because I wanted to do it.”
The film is in English and French with English subtitles.
In other Tricky news, Tricky will be touring through Poland and Western Europe throughout November and December.

Stacy Sobotka
Big Sonic Heaven Contributing Writer