This Week’s Big Sonic Heaven Podcast Is Here

Published on: Jul 14 2013 by Darren Revell

Big Sonic Heaven Podcast Artwork

July 14, 2013

New music this week from Sigur Ros, Lanterns On The Lake, Moby, David Lynch, No Joy and more, along with your favorite Big Sonic Heaven classics. Don’t forget all the podcasts are archived on the Podcasts Page. Thanks for listening!


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6 Comments to “This Week’s Big Sonic Heaven Podcast Is Here”

  1. James from Texas says:

    Fantastic show this week. My new Sunday morning ritual is coffee and BSH. I really loved the new music…Especially the Chromatics. James

  2. Jason Patterson says:

    Welcome back… loved the show when I lived in Windsor (I now reside in Toronto) and happened to Google to see if you were doing it again and you’re back. Amazing!

    You introduced me to so much great music over the years (including Sigur Ros, one of your all time faves) and I have no doubt that will now continue.

    One question… on the individual podcast pages, can you list the Artist and Tracks you’ve played for each show? Just a thought, as often when I hear something I love, the next place I go to is I-Tunes to buy.

    Thanks again for resurrecting BSH… and once again, welcome back!

    • Darren Revell says:

      Hey Jason.

      Thanks for your email. Yes, I will be posting the playlists soon.

      Thanks for listening!


  3. Maggie says:

    Oh, man.

    I, too, loved the show when it aired in Detroit. I used to drive back to Ann Arbor each Sunday night, and Big Sonic Heaven always kept me company.

    So happy to have stumbled upon this podcast — just as Jason did — by googling on a whim, just to see if there were archives or if perhaps you were doing anything anywhere else. Thank you!

    Finally, Is it possible to subscribe in iTunes? I didn’t see a link anywhere.

    • Darren Revell says:

      Hi Maggie.

      We will be available on iTunes this upcoming week.

      Thanks for your support and great email.


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