The Latest Big Sonic Heaven Podcast Is Here

Published on: Aug 25 2013 by Darren Revell

Big Sonic Heaven Podcast Artwork

August 25, 2013

New music this week from Porcelain Raft, Tokyo Shoegazer, Zola Jesus, Samaris, French For Rabbits and more, along with your favorite Big Sonic Heaven classics. Don’t forget all the podcasts are archived on the Podcasts Page. Thanks for listening!


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5 Comments to “The Latest Big Sonic Heaven Podcast Is Here”

  1. Joel Woodard says:

    Great show as always. 🙂 Can I request a song? It’s by a band called Man Without Country and the song is called “Clipped Wings”.
    Thanks! 🙂

  2. Noelle says:

    Catching up on the podcasts. And they’re never a disappointment. Revell, you’re a genius.

  3. jenn says:

    I used to listen to your show every Sunday in Detroit. This morning, I was reminded of the show and searched for Big Sonic Heaven. I’m absolutely thrilled that you’re doing podcasts now!

    Your show really influenced my own musical tastes, as I was a teenager when I discovered Big Sonic Heaven.

    I just wanted to thank you, and I hope that others express their gratitude to you that you deserve, because you really left a mark here in Detroit.

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