New Prefab Sprout In October

Published on: Aug 04 2013 by Darren Revell

One of my favorite albums ever is Steve McQueen (released as Two Wheels Good here in The U.S.) from Prefab Sprout. Released back in 1985, it was their sophomore album after Swoon. They’ve had six since. Their chart success has been almost non-existant here in the U.S. but they’ve managed to stay on the U.K. singles and album charts with almost every release to date. To me, that’s often a good sign, not being on the U.S. charts that is. Prefab Sprout, headed by Paddy McAloon, has some of the best songwriting you’ll ever experience. Find out for yourself with the links below and then head to iTunes. The new album Crimson/Red will hit the streets on October, 7th. I’m looking forward to it! How ’bout you? Until then, we can go back to 1985 and enjoy “Bonny” from Steve McQueen/Two Wheels Good below.
As always, enjoy!
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2 Comments to “New Prefab Sprout In October”

  1. Joel Woodard says:

    I first heard this song in Big Sonic Heaven in January of 2012. Just when I thought I’ve heard everything great from the eighties… 🙂 Thanks Darren. Can’t wait to hear the new stuff.

  2. Darren Revell says:

    🙂 Thanks Joel!

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